How do I intercept the phone

To phoneAnswer calls correctly in the office

When you've introduced yourself, let the caller have their say. The caller will introduce themselves and explain the reason for the call. Listen carefully, ask questions if you don't understand something, and repeat important information.

taking notes
Take notes during the conversation. Your notes are correct if they answer the following questions: Who called? What was it about? What was agreed?

Remember the caller's name
Make a note of both the first name and the last name of the caller. That works well in later correspondence. If you did not understand the name, use the present tense when asking: “What is your name?” Ask the caller to spell it using an unusual name.

Academic degree
If the caller has an academic degree, address him with: "Herr Doktor Hinz", "Frau Professor Kunz".

Address the caller by name
Address the caller by name. However, do not use the name too often, it will seem intrusive. Two times are sufficient: at the beginning and when saying goodbye. Put the name at the end of the sentence: "I'll send you the information material tomorrow, Mr. Schuster!"

When connecting to a colleague, give the caller the first and last name of the colleague you are transferring to. "I will now connect you to Michaela Klein, our HR manager".

Formulate positively
Avoid negative phrasing and say it positively. Instead of “Unfortunately, I don't know”, better “I'll find out more and call you back”. Instead of “Not this week”, better “Probably next week”.