When does the import duty apply?

Import duties and taxes

The European Union can impose punitive tariffs on imports from non-European Union countries to protect against unfair trade practices.

The EU levies punitive tariffs (anti-dumping duty or countervailing duty) on dumped or illegally subsidized products in addition to the standard duty rate. This compensates for the unjustified price advantage.

The term "dumping" comes from English and means "export at low prices". A product is considered to be dumped if its export price to the Community is lower than the comparable price of a like product when sold in the ordinary course of trade in the exporting country.

A dumping situation is assumed to exist when a government in the country of origin or export provides financial aid or some form of income or price support for the manufacture, production, export or transport of a good.

Before importing, it is advisable to check whether an anti-dumping duty is or should be levied for these goods. To be checked in EZT-Online.

The IHK Hamburg has developed an information database that contains information on existing and planned measures (see related links).

If your product is included in the anti-dumping table, we recommend that you look through the relevant EU publication, which has already been published in the EU Official Journal. Here you can see

  • why there was an anti-dumping proceeding,
  • how to participate in the preliminary examination,
  • whether proceedings have been discontinued or
  • a provisional additional duty is levied, which then gfs. turns into a final one,
  • whether similar goods from other countries are also affected and, above all,
  • when the measure is lifted again.