You can put carpet over tiles

Lay carpet loose or glued to tiles

Factors that determine the workload

Several properties of a tiled floor determine the preparation and installation effort of a carpet:

  • Joints with widths over a millimeter
  • Surface sealing and absorbency of the tiles
  • Adhesiveness of double-sided tape
  • Negotiated space for the construction height

If there are joints more than a millimeter wide between the joints, they must either be filled or the tile floor must be completely covered with leveling compound (€ 18.94 at Amazon *) or cover plates.

In the case of glazed ceramic surfaces of the tiles, thorough cleaning is sufficient in preparation for laying. If the surfaces consist of porous surfaces such as terracotta, a primer or a primer (€ 20.99 at Amazon *) usually has to be applied in order to give the adhesive a stable base.

To fix the carpet with double-sided adhesive tape, it must be checked whether the adhesive surfaces adhere to the tiles permanently and with tensile strength. In particular, "dusty" tiles and unsealed natural stones such as terracotta often do not offer ideal substrates. If necessary, point gluing with liquid glue should be considered in this case.
The construction height of a tiled floor is increased by the adhesive layer and common carpets or carpets from around one centimeter. When applying a leveling compound, at least another five millimeters must be calculated.

Loose or floating installation

When a joint-free tile surface has been created, the floor should be cleaned thoroughly with a grease-dissolving cleaner. When laying a carpet loosely, it should be attached to a wall without a door or passage, if possible. A longitudinal strip of double-sided adhesive tape forms the first anchor fixation. Then the carpet is fixed piece by piece, whereby the largest distances between the adhesive points should not exceed fifty centimeters.

Glued laying

If necessary, a primer must be applied before full-surface bonding. The adhesive is used according to the manufacturer's adhesive instructions.

If you want to cut carpet tiles and lay them on tiles, you should only ever cross the old filled joints with the carpet tile joints and not let them run parallel.

Author: Stephan Reporter

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