How can I prevent skin infections

How to prevent infections You can lie in the air or on an object and then strike relentlessly. We are talking about microorganisms such as viruses, fungi or bacteria, the triggers of an infection. Lung patients are particularly susceptible to infections in the respiratory tract. Therefore, take appropriate preventive measures.

Hygiene - everything

You can protect yourself effectively against viruses through appropriate hygiene. Wash your hands The hands are the most common carriers of pathogens. So wash them regularly - not just when they are dirty. Always wash your hands afterwards

  • to come home
  • visiting the toilet
  • changing diapers
  • blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing
  • contact with waste
  • contact with animals, animal feed or animal waste

Take about 20 seconds to wash your hands. Household hygiene

  • Ventilate the apartment well several times a day. Room temperature approx. 20 °, humidity approx. 50-60%.
  • Change cleaning rags frequently and wash at at least 60 ° C.
  • Separate cleaning rags for the kitchen as well as for the bathroom and toilet.

Kitchen hygiene Food can also transmit pathogens. You should therefore wash dishes and kitchen utensils at a temperature of at least 60 ° C. Cloths and tea towels should also be cleaned regularly at this temperature. Disinfectants In the private household, disinfectants usually prove to be superfluous. Normal household cleaners are sufficient. Disinfectants also contain ingredients that can also harm the body and the environment.

No infections with proper diet

You can also prevent infections with the right diet. For "self-defense", certain plants produce substances that kill bacteria, fungi and parasites. Examples of this are garlic, Icelandic moss, ivy, rosemary and sage. Mustard oils are also an effective protection against bacteria.

More tips on infection prevention

  • Minimize smoking and alcohol.
  • Take care of relaxation. Constant stress damages your immune system.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Get your circulation going. Regular saunas and alternating baths as well as walks are ideal for this.

Always pay attention to hygiene and take preventive measures to protect yourself against infections even during times of flu and cold.