Blooming aloe vera plants

Flowering time: when does an aloe vera bloom?

The real aloe is a traditional medicinal plant, which in this country is also simply kept as an evergreen potted plant. What is less well known is that it blooms. Because the colorful flowers are rarely seen. When is the flowering time of aloe vera?


Aloes (aloe)

The plant genus aloe includes around 500 species. The well-known aloe vera (real aloe) is one of them.

Blossom of the aloe

  • Inflorescence grows from the center of the leaf rosette
  • branched once or twice
  • Length between 60 and 90 centimeters
  • pointed, cylindrical grapes at the top
  • about 30 to 40 inches long and five to six inches wide
  • actual flowers sit there
  • Flowers slightly bulbous, about 3 centimeters long
  • Flower color: red, orange or yellow

Requirements for flower formation

Since aloe vera can only be kept in pots in this country, it has to be of a certain age and certain conditions for it to develop flowers.

Aloe vera flowers from the third year of life at the earliestafter which the young plant has been separated from the mother plant. You should also pay attention to other influencing factors that have a stimulating effect on flower formation.

This includes:

  • a cool winter (10 to 15 degrees Celsius)
  • a soil volume of at least 15 to 40 liters
Note: If the location and care are not ideal from the plant's point of view, the first flowering can also be delayed.


Real aloes bloom for three months in the wild. In this country, the flowering time of aloe vera is in the months March to May. But there are also plants that lag behind due to the slow growth of the bud and only bloom later.

Given the long, racemose inflorescence, Aloe vera blooms over several weeks. So are at the same time during the flowering period

  • withered flowers,
  • developed single flowers and
  • Buds

to see the plants blooming from the bottom up.

Tip: You can already see in winter whether your aloe vera will bloom in spring. Because the first approaches to bud formation already begin in December.

Withered flowers

If the flowers have wilted, you should use the Cut off the inflorescence as deep as possible. On the one hand, the potted plant invests in the leaves again, on the other hand, the dead inflorescences pollute the heart of the plant. If they get soaked during watering, this can also lead to the formation of mold.

frequently asked Questions

Do the plants die after flowering?

No. Real aloes can bloom more often. If the plant dies after flowering, it is an agave, which is often confused with the aloe because of its similar appearance. However, you have to expect that the medicinal plant will be weakened after the impressive flowering. Therefore, you should refrain from harvesting the leaves for the time being so that they can recover.

Why is it that my aloe is not developing flowers?

There are many reasons for the failure to bloom. These include, for example, a location that is too dark or too high a humidity. A lack of nutrients or too little soil in the pot can also postpone the flowering time of the aloe into the unknown. Also, make sure not to overwinter the plant too warm.