Why is the earth pink

"Pink Moon" over Bremen: Huge - but not pink at all

As of April 26, 2021.

  • April full moon comes particularly close to Earth
  • To see celestial bodies particularly bright and large
  • Name does not refer to color

Early risers can marvel at a super moon in the Bremen night sky on Tuesday at 5:33 am: the so-called "Pink Moon". "It will also be on display here - it's just not pink," says Andreas Vogel from Bremen's Olbers Planetarium. But it is always great: "The specialty is that the moon is bigger and also significantly brighter," explains Vogel.

This is because the full moon is particularly close to Earth. According to Vogel, this happens two to three times a year. This is because the celestial body orbits the earth in an ellipse. Therefore, we will also see a so-called super moon in May. "It will be even bigger," says Vogel.

But why is the super moon called "Pink Moon" if it doesn't change color at all? "The name comes from North America. The phlox blooms there at this time of the year - and it's pink," explains Vogel.

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