Why is TRX crypto the future

TRON Coin | A coin with a future?

Like all other coins, the Tron Coin tries to solve a problem. Tron faces the challenge of promoting the decentralization of the Internet, as market leaders such as Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook are increasingly centralizing it. Since the CEO comes from Asia, these companies have little influence there on the centralization of the Internet. Companies like Alibaba and Tencent are responsible for this in the area. (Application entertainment)

In order to take the wind out of the sails of these companies and thus protect the users' data, Tron offers you a decentralized content entertainment system based on a blockchain. This system gives you the opportunity to establish a direct connection between the searching buyer and the producing seller without third parties. This leads to a reduction in prices, since fees and commissions for third parties are no longer applicable. This technology, which is based on smart contracts, is primarily designed for the entertainment area of ​​the Internet.

What is the goal of TRON?

The developer of the Tron Coin has several goals to help the "little ones". One of the goals is to help the low-wage earner not have to spend a lot of money on goods because middlemen still charge fees and commissions on the original price. On the other hand, Tron is pursuing the goal of allowing smaller businesses to establish themselves further in the market without being driven into ruin by large companies that use power and money to improve ratings in search processes.

Numbers, data, facts

The inventor of the Tron Coin is Justin Sun. Justin is the first student at an elite university whose president is the founder of Alibaba, the Asian Amazon. Sun was able to gain some experience in the crypto sector even before the release of Tron, as he temporarily represented Ripple in China.

Tron's first whitepaper was published in 2017. However, there was initially a hail of negative criticism. The whitepaper is said to be plagiarism in which entire text passages were taken over from other projects. After sparking this discussion, Tron created a white paper 2.0. This was published on December 10, 2018.

The Tron mainnet started on May 31, 2018. Mainnet means swapping the Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens to the real Tron Coins, the so-called Tronix (TRX). Tron meanwhile (01/20) has a market capitalization of 948,667,383 US dollars and occupies on coinmarketcap 12th place. The current value of the Tron Coin is $ 0.014. However, Justin Sun announced that he wanted to buy back some Tronix to get the course going again. Out of a total of 99,281,283,754 TRX, 66,682,072,191 TRX are already in circulation.

Tronix can be traded on over 40 stock exchanges. These include well-known exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi and many more.


In late December 2017, Justin announced that several Alibaba developers had already joined Tron, which seems to predict a partnership between the two parties. His studies at the elite university founded by the head of Alibaba should also be vitamin B for the project. Tron entered into further partnerships with the bike rental system oBike and with the website Game.com.