How did Nextdoor get its first-time users

About Nextoor ambassadors

Neighborhood ambassadors do not work for Nextdoor and receive no compensation whatsoever. They are simply neighbors, just like other members, but who have additional options to help keep the neighborhood functioning properly.
These options include access to functions to:

  • Vote to have any messages removed that you believe violate Nextdoor's policies;
  • adjust the boundaries of the neighborhood;
  • confirm members who have not yet been confirmed;
  • edit the "About" portion of the neighborhood feed;
  • to give other members ambassador status.
Ambassadors are unable to remove members, make them use only read-only mode, or influence their user accounts in any way. These measures can only be taken by Nextdoor support.

Also, please keep in mind that the neighborhood feed is not the place to complain about moderation. If you feel that a Nextdoor ambassador is abusing their capabilities (e.g. by deleting non-policy-breaking messages), you should message them directly to address your concerns to discuss. You can also contact Nextdoor support.