Can fabric softeners cause itching?

Allergic to washing powder: Too much detergent and fabric softener can irritate the skin

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The dose is decisive: Too much detergent can irritate the skin of sensitive people (symbol). © imago images / Panthermedia

Washing powder and fabric softener should be dosed individually, otherwise there is a risk of allergic rashes and skin irritation. The solution is to weigh the dry laundry.

Frankfurt / Main - Who on laundry detergent or softener has an allergic reaction, who often suffers from redness, rashes and skin irritations when they come into contact with fresh laundry. But not every one Skin irritation goes on a allergy back. So can too high amounts washing powder lead to unpleasant skin complaints even in non-allergy sufferers. According to the forum washing leftovers are to blame for this Detergents, which even after thorough rinsing in the textiles lag behind.

Allergy to detergent? Too much washing powder and fabric softener can irritate the skin

Consumers use too much laundry detergent or Softener, residues can remain on the clothes after the wash cycle in the drum - and so on Skin irritation trigger. As the experts report, this is especially strong when it comes to strong water-saving washing machines possible*. But also with economical washing programs and a strong one Overdose the detergent, the detergent is often not completely washed out. But how can detergent be optimally dosed and? Skin discomfort prevent?

Each laundry detergent must be dosed differently. The relevant information is on the packaging. The optimal one dosage each product refers to a certain amount of drier Laundry. The solution is therefore that Dirty laundry before washing to to weigh.

Allergy to detergent? Weigh clothes before washing

At a Heavy duty and color detergents this is 4.5 kilograms of T.extiles, with a mild detergent, however, only 2.5 kilograms. You give more or less Laundry into the drum, the amount of Detergent be adjusted accordingly.

The Dosage recommendations from the manufacturer also provide for several degrees of pollution:

  • A little dirty: This includes, for example, short ones Outerwear without stains.
  • Normally soiled: Worn once belong in this category Underwear, worn several times Outerwear with slight stains as well towels and Bed linen.Soft toys should also be washed regularly.
  • Very dirty: These are next to particularly dirty ones textiles basically too Dish and kitchen towels and baby bibs as well Children's and soccer clothing.

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