Can the subconscious be consciously controlled


The subconscious can be compared to a record. On the day we were born, each of us started with a plastic plate that had not yet been grooved. She was still a virgin, so to speak. From that first day, every word we heard and every experience we had carved a groove in the slab of the subconscious. The more often we heard and experienced something, the more intense and painful it was what we experienced, the deeper the grooves became.

Are you easily offended? Do you automatically feel guilty when you refuse someone's request? CDoes it immediately piss you off when someone criticizes you? Do you hit the ceiling quickly if someone comes to you stupid? Then you know the power of your subconscious.

Many of your emotional reactions are controlled by your subconscious. Whenever you press a certain button, your subconscious automatically rewinds the emotional and behavioral program created for it.

How we react is the result of these programs - the unconscious thoughts and self-talk that our brain has stored in the subconscious.

The subconscious is a kind of internal navigation system, comparable to the navigation system in your car. Once a destination has been entered, the navigation system will guide you there. Since it is the task of the brain to ensure our survival, it has to react quickly and reliably. It does so with astonishing precision.

All our conscious decisions are always (!) Preceded by decisions of our subconscious. We believe in consciously choosing an item of clothing, a trip, a job or a reaction. In reality, before (!) Our conscious decision, our subconscious has already made the decision for us. You could say: We are a puppet that is controlled by our subconscious. That means:

Your subconscious can only react and decide differently if you update the navigation CD of your subconscious (i.e. play a new version on it).