What is the lifespan of a dwarf rabbit

How old do rabbits get?

There is no general answer to this question, as the life expectancy of rabbits depends on various factors.

Rabbit ages in pets

Depending on the breed, rabbits that are kept as pets can range between 5 to 12 years old become. Converted into human years, this corresponds to between 50 and 120 years.

Rabbit ages in wildlife

Rabbits that live in the wild are usually between 1 to 2 years old. This corresponds to about 10 to 20 human years.

Life expectancy rabbits: what factors affect the age of the Animals?

The age of a rabbit can never only be made dependent on its breed, because there are numerous factors that play an important role and that can significantly influence the life of a rabbit.


It has been proven that small, light rabbit breeds sometimes get significantly older than large, heavy breeds. During a Dwarf rabbits can therefore easily reach up to 12 years and older Giants usually only an age of no more than 7 to 8 years.

health status

As with humans, health can have a significant impact on the age of rabbits. For example, there are animals that enjoy excellent health and even older than 12 years while other rabbits only live to be 2 or 3 years old because they are sick.

Mental health

Again, this factor is important because rabbits have that one quiet life have been shown to grow older than animals exposed to permanent stress. In order to prevent this stress, you should always keep the rabbit in a species-appropriate manner and let it live with a harmonious group. You should also set up the stable in a quiet place.

Appropriate husbandry

Proper husbandry also has a significant impact on the age of the rabbit. Animals that are given enough exercise, space and fresh air can therefore get much older than rabbits, which lead an unhappy existence in a small box.

Appropriate feeding

Feeding also plays an important role. Rabbits eat raw food. This means that they need lots of fruits, vegetables, herbs and raw fiber in the form of hay.

What you don't need, however, is grain. But this is exactly what is contained in many commercial rabbit foods. When buying rabbit food, always make sure that it is of the best quality and suitable for the rabbit. It shouldn't contain any grains, additives, or sugar.

With a species-appropriate feeding with high-quality feed types as well as sufficient herbs, fruit, vegetables and woodchip, you ensure that the animal stays fit into old age. Apart from that, rabbits need plenty of fresh water.

Protect rabbits from predators

This fact is crucial for free range husbandry. Always make sure that the Rabbit enclosure Predators are not allowed in.

Good care by a veterinarian and preventive care

Rabbits that are regularly vaccinated and examined or treated by a veterinarian naturally have a longer life expectancy than rabbits whose health status has never been checked by a vet.