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What does "flow" mean? Explanation and use


Someone wrote "flow" to you in the chat and you don't know what that means? With us you can find out what the expression means and how you can use it yourself in the chat.

That means flow: in the flow, in a creative frenzy

The expression "flow" or "to be in the flow" comes from the English language and means "to flow" in the German translation. When someone is in "flow" it means that the current activity that person is doing is running smoothly. For example, if you are very focused on one thing and forget the time around you, you are in the "flow".

Originally the expression comes from the hip-hop scene where the correct "flow" means the interplay of voice, beat, melody, intonation, text and pronunciation of the rapper. If this interaction is designed in a suitable rhythm for the ears, the "flow" is described as good. "

This is how you use flow

When using the expression "flow" you should always make sure that the other person knows what you are talking about. Many a boomer may be overwhelmed with this expression at first.

In general, however, the printout can be integrated very easily into everyday work, as you can use the printout to make it clear to your colleagues that you are currently in the work flow and therefore do not want to be disturbed.

Examples of using flow

  • Person A: "Bae, your stupid flex just completely killed my flow ..."
  • Person B: "Stfu, your vibe was probably not that strong."

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