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I’ve recently had a birthday.  I’m dealing with it.

That’s not true, there is nothing to deal with, I’m 34 and I’m just fine with it.  I’m in a good spot is I guess is how you could say it.  I like my view from here.

I like where I’ve been and I’m excited for what could be coming.  What I make happen.  I’m gonna be brave.  I want to learn and have fun.  You get to tag along, I’ll make cake.  (In my head those last few lines were in the voice of Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.)   Lists are fun right?  I love a good to do list.  Everyone seems to like them, it’s so satisfying to whittle them down.  So In honor of my 34th I’ve been compiling my 35 LIST.  I’ve got a year, so I better get going.


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