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Oh dear, are you like me?

Do you buy a pineapple, go home, place said pineapple on your table in your kitchen and then make it part of your kitchen decor?  Maybe you move it by some plants.  Cute, it fits right in.  Maybe it then acts as a centerpiece on your island and you get home from work and sort of just shove your mail under it.  Maybe your husband asks you why you are putting the mail under the pineapple and maybe you have no answer because there is no rational reason to put mail under a pineapple that is acting as temp centerpiece, it just makes you giggle.   Luckily said husband knows after 13 years that his wife is weird.

Anyway, do you play this little interior design game a bit too long and then, your pineapple has gone south?  Yeah, me too.  So sad, now where am I going to put the electric bill?

Don’t worry, it doesn’t happen that often.  My desire to eat pineapple usually prevails and then sometimes you can come up with little gems like this Roasted pepper & lime pineapple rings to add to your ice cream…so good and so simple.


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