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jelly donuts 2

I’ve shaken off this winter funk folks!

Sure there is a Blizzard headed this way but I embrace it.  What choice do I have?

We have our supplies.  I have my gin.  I bought flowers to make me smile.  All good here.

Do you know what turned my curmudgeonly ways around?  Do you know what caused Larry and I not to flee south and start a new life?

jelly donut 3

Jelly Donuts.  Say it with me folks, Jelly Donuts. Sure this salad helped but this here donut helped more.

jelly donuts 4

It was so perfect, just what a gal needs to lift her spirits.  I even made it with the last of my homemade jam.  Yay homemade jam!  I had sweet thoughts of summer and the daydreaming of this years canning have begun while it snows all around us.

jelly and flowers

All thanks to the almighty jelly donut.  Natures perfect food.  So says I, so says everyone (or they should).

jelly donuts 3

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soft pretzel

Brace yourself folks.  I’m about to shatter the illusion you have of me that I’m perfect.

Yes, it’s true I’m a flawed soul.  I’m plenty okay with this but I’m afraid of the devastating effect this news will have on you.

I hope I have not ruined your holiday season.  I am truly sorry.

What’s that?

None of you even entertained the idea that I was perfect?

Well okay then.  Hmm, I have to say I’m a little surprised and mildly shocked but….none of you?

Well let’s just move right along shall we.

soft pretzelsThe flaw that I was about to shock you with is my failure to live in the present.  I tend to put on my rose color glasses over how things were in the past and get super jazzed about how I think things will be in the future.  Note: using the term super jazzed often does not constitute as a flaw.

I’m sure we all do this but it erks me so much when I catch myself dismissing something that I will surely look back on with joy but at the moment comparing it to our past.  Just enjoy now Jen, you big dummy.  That’s what I yell in my head.

I have to remind myself that things weren’t alway perfect.  That cute first apartment together, remember the ceiling fell in.  The phone never worked, the kitchen was pretty non-existent and the trolley shook the whole place every 10 minutes.  Let’s not forget the squirrel break-in.  He wrecked the whole place.  When Adam came home he thought maybe I was in a mad dash to get to work because I was late.  It wasn’t until he found the hole in the screen and squirrel bathroom evidence that he thought possibly it wasn’t me.  Possibly?  Really?


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kugelhopf 5

I don’t mean to alarm you but I have a bit of possible scandalous information to just get out here in the open.  Maybe scandalous is the wrong word.

Ready?  O.k. deep breath.  It has been said  and I won’t name names (my husband) that I seem far more excited about the nearing of season 3 of Downton Abbey than of Christmas.

What?  That’s crazy. I love Christmas time and the lights and the cookies and the joy and oh my gosh he may be right.  That Mrs. Bates was horrible.  And the Dowager Countess of Grantham, I die, she cracks me up.

kugelhopf 7

Apparently it has been said that whenever an episode is on PBS lately I will turn it on no matter if it just started or it’s in the middle or I just watched it.   That may or may not be true.

Okay it is true and I’m not ashamed.  It’s like a little winter treat for a few Sundays out of the year and I’m just prepping for it.

It doesn’t mean I’m not excited about Christmas.  All the cookies eaten should be proof enough of my joy for the season.

My second bit of news had to do with this Apple-Raisin Kugelhopf.  This delicious cake/sweet briochey (is that a word) bread.  My husband had two pieces, not because he didn’t enjoy it but because in no time flat I finished it.  Yeah it was that good.  Plain, but even better toasted with a little butter.  Swoon!  I could not be stopped and because it is the holidays and I AM looking forward to them I don’t dare try to.  I just put a few more soups and salads on the dinner menu.  Mrs. Patmore would approve, maybe. She might just yell at me!


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Are you carb phobic?  Are you on a no-carb diet?  Do you tell your fellow diners not to fill up on bread? (as if that was possible.)

If so, feel free to stop reading and have a wonderful day.


Okay, so now that they are gone we can have a chat about bread.  Glorious, glorious bread.   It’s the bees knees if you ask me and you didn’t but that’s life so deal.

I am overjoyed when I try a new bread recipe and it just knocks my knee-high socks off!  Well that’s what this focaccia recipe from Anne Burrell did.

I ‘ve never had much success with homemade focaccia because it never was crispy or oily enough.  Gasp.

Problem solved!

I love just making this with coarse salt and serving it with dinner.  It is too heavenly.  But then I made it as a pizza with the last of my basil, some bacon and sun-dried tomatoes and sweet fancy Moses, there are no words.  Lie, there is one word. Amazing!

Make this, shove it in your face, be overwhelmed with joy, repeat.  Or make it just as the bread, or not at all. Or if you are carb hater that was sneaky and kept reading this you can turn your nose up at me. You wouldn’t be the first and won’t be the last but I’ll always have my bread so I don’t care.


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