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jelly donuts 2

I’ve shaken off this winter funk folks!

Sure there is a Blizzard headed this way but I embrace it.  What choice do I have?

We have our supplies.  I have my gin.  I bought flowers to make me smile.  All good here.

Do you know what turned my curmudgeonly ways around?  Do you know what caused Larry and I not to flee south and start a new life?

jelly donut 3

Jelly Donuts.  Say it with me folks, Jelly Donuts. Sure this salad helped but this here donut helped more.

jelly donuts 4

It was so perfect, just what a gal needs to lift her spirits.  I even made it with the last of my homemade jam.  Yay homemade jam!  I had sweet thoughts of summer and the daydreaming of this years canning have begun while it snows all around us.

jelly and flowers

All thanks to the almighty jelly donut.  Natures perfect food.  So says I, so says everyone (or they should).

jelly donuts 3


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kugelhopf 5

I don’t mean to alarm you but I have a bit of possible scandalous information to just get out here in the open.  Maybe scandalous is the wrong word.

Ready?  O.k. deep breath.  It has been said  and I won’t name names (my husband) that I seem far more excited about the nearing of season 3 of Downton Abbey than of Christmas.

What?  That’s crazy. I love Christmas time and the lights and the cookies and the joy and oh my gosh he may be right.  That Mrs. Bates was horrible.  And the Dowager Countess of Grantham, I die, she cracks me up.

kugelhopf 7

Apparently it has been said that whenever an episode is on PBS lately I will turn it on no matter if it just started or it’s in the middle or I just watched it.   That may or may not be true.

Okay it is true and I’m not ashamed.  It’s like a little winter treat for a few Sundays out of the year and I’m just prepping for it.

It doesn’t mean I’m not excited about Christmas.  All the cookies eaten should be proof enough of my joy for the season.

My second bit of news had to do with this Apple-Raisin Kugelhopf.  This delicious cake/sweet briochey (is that a word) bread.  My husband had two pieces, not because he didn’t enjoy it but because in no time flat I finished it.  Yeah it was that good.  Plain, but even better toasted with a little butter.  Swoon!  I could not be stopped and because it is the holidays and I AM looking forward to them I don’t dare try to.  I just put a few more soups and salads on the dinner menu.  Mrs. Patmore would approve, maybe. She might just yell at me!


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Larry and I ran out the door for work the other day and I had to make a quick dash back to grab a sweater.

A sweater…swoon!

Yes the air was crisp, down right cool.  Sure within an hour I was sweating in my sweater but in that first moment my mind went into fall mode.

Fall, the greatest of all seasons and I’ll fight you tooth and nail if you say different.  Not really but you would be wrong if you said different.  It’s a fact.  I know these things.

Fall holds many things for me and one that always went hand in hand with pumpkin and apple picking was getting to stuff my face with apple cider doughnuts.  They are as much a necessary part of Fall as are corduroy skirts and boots. But alas Fall is technically a day away, TOMORROW! I  just sang that as Annie.  Fun Fact: my sister and I had that soundtrack on record and would sing it on the top of our lungs while making up gymnastics routines.

Anyway, since it is not fall yet but doughnuts were on the brain I am giving what has become my go to doughnut recipe.  This comes from Tracy at Shutterbean and adapted from Baked: Explorations.  They are amazing and not difficult at all. I added a coconut topping for my husband and a powdered sugar topping for me because nothing beats an old-fashioned powdered sugar doughnut.  I’ll fight you on that!


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I have been making some slow progress with my 35 List.  I’ve signed up for some stuff and donated some clothes.  Two steps forward but alas one big step back as I seem to be at work more and more and Adam and my schedules just can’t coordinate.  No sob stories here, summertime work is busy and we should be thankful but sometimes I’m just plain worn out and I miss spending a day with him.  Sorry, complaining done, my big girl pants are on, we deal with it. Plus, fall will be here soon.  Oh fall, how I love you and boots and corduroy and scarfs and pumpkins and oh sorry, got lost in the moment there.

I did manage to get some jam making and canning done for the jam exchange.  Fact: I think I love making and canning jam.  My exuberance however caused me to buy way to many apricots then needed for my apricot-raspberry recipe so I had to come up with something else.


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Once upon a time there was girl from New York.

Fast forward, Fast forward.

Then during high school she and her mother moved to Cape Cod.

She hated it.  Then she loved it.

Fast forward.

Then this girl went to college in Philadelphia.

She loved it.

Fast forward.

Then she met a boy.  He was dreamy.  He deserved a cake.  Something amazing.

This girl was not confident in the kitchen or anywhere to be honest.

She turned to her trusty Martha subscription and found a delicious looking cake.  A buckle?

Whatever,  if Martha calls it a buckle who is this girl to argue?

What the heck is a springform pan?  Oh gosh this girl might be in over her head.

Maybe this boy would like an Entenmann’s?


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