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Do you know what the upside of making your own birthday cake is?

You can try a recipe that peaked your interest way back in February but when you told your husband about it a face was made.

“Black tea icing?  I don’t know?”  he says.  “You can make it if YOU want it, maybe I’ll try a piece”  he says.  “There’s still some old off name brand ice cream sandwiches half melted then refrozen and squished in the back on the freezer I can eat if I don’t like it”  he says.

Then he gives me the other face, the sad one because we won’t be having a fancy dessert that night that he would like.

“Sigh” I said.  And in the back of my mind this recipe went, only to reemerge when my husband asked if I wanted him to make my birthday cake.   “No, thank you I can make it” I said and  I cackled wildly shouting “I will have my cake and I will eat it too.”

O.K in reality I may have not have said that last part out loud, but it was said in my head.

The wait was well worth it and fun fact, my husband had eaten a piece every night for dessert until it was all gone.  Well worth the wait indeed.

What is more perfect than tea and lemon?


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