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coconut shrimp 1

I don’t know about your neck of the woods but summer is in full swing here on the Cape.

Like bananas.

It always gets crowded but this year is pure madness. People are everywhere!

coconut shrimp 4

I’m having little panic attacks with all these crowds.  Don’t worry about me though, I’m a tough little cookie.  I’m make it through to Fall.

Sweet, sweet Fall.  I miss you!  My corduroy, scarves and boots are waiting!

But since it is summer and it is crowded I’m going to share with you one of my households go to meals so you don’t have to stand in line at a fish fry shack.

coconut shrimp 2

Coconut shrimp!  It is one of my husband’s favorite and he requests I make it often.  It is crunchy with a little touch of sweetness and so simple.  Like ridiculously simple.

It goes perfect with these onion rings and since it is summer and blueberries my food of choice this buckle for dessert.

There, now you have a perfect summer meal to have at your home oasis away from the crowds!

(I’m not kidding, it is bananas out there!)

coconut shrimp 3


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blackberry macaroon tart muffin 5I come bearing muffins in an attempt to apologize for my absence.  Sorry!

If any muffin is going to make up for my utter scheduling woes and my pure laziness when I did have free time these are the ones to do it.blackberry macaroon tart muffin 3

We could solve some real world problems with these muffins.  You will definitely have some nation building happening, you know if muffins are served during those sorts of things.  They should be if they are not if you ask me but no one has asked so we will just have to enjoy them. What?


They are a muffin, they are a macaroon, they are a tart, they are amazing!

But back to my disappearance.  You already know I joined roller derby and am flat-out obsessed.  It kicks my tush and I love it.  I was driving 2 hours away once a week to get to practice and it really was having an exhausting effect for the rest of my week.  With summer season coming the drive was going to only get worse.  I was torn, I just found this amazing sport that I’m loving but I can’t be a zombie for the rest of my week. Folks, I was bummin’.

blackberry macaroon tart muffins

Well luck would have it, right around the time I started roller derby some ladies right here on the Cape were trying to start a league, I met them for some open skates and well the practical thing occurred.  I talk to my other league about the distance and I ended up joining the Cape league. YAY Salty Dolls!  What?

blackberry macaroon tart muffins 2

We are all just starting out but we are determined to make this happen plus I love that I can be in a league and fundraise and all that jazz in the community I live in.  Sure we don’t have a roller rink and are currently using a melted ice rink so we have some hurdles to get through but we are having so much fun along the way.  If you happen to know anyone who wants to build and own a roller rink on Cape Cod there are some ladies who would be ever grateful, I’m looking at you Bill Murray.

blackberry macaroon tart muffin 6 (more…)

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Things are calm and beautiful on the Cape today.

It may be different in a day or two.

But today is a perfect fall day.

We are no strangers to storms by the ocean.

A hurricane or the weather man sneezes we lose power, so we prepare every time.

That was what my day is today. Get water, food, batteries.

Batten down the hatches.

But for now we are calm and the day is peaceful.

Stay safe all and lets hope Hurricane Sandy decides to leave us to our peaceful ways.

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I’ve recently had a birthday.  I’m dealing with it.

That’s not true, there is nothing to deal with, I’m 34 and I’m just fine with it.  I’m in a good spot is I guess is how you could say it.  I like my view from here.

I like where I’ve been and I’m excited for what could be coming.  What I make happen.  I’m gonna be brave.  I want to learn and have fun.  You get to tag along, I’ll make cake.  (In my head those last few lines were in the voice of Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.)   Lists are fun right?  I love a good to do list.  Everyone seems to like them, it’s so satisfying to whittle them down.  So In honor of my 34th I’ve been compiling my 35 LIST.  I’ve got a year, so I better get going.


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My eyes are bleary today and I’m a tad exhausted.  I volunteered to have our Animal Hospital take part in our local Shelters 2nd Annual Paws for Celebration and for the past few weeks we have been getting ready.  Well, it was this past Sunday and it was a fantastic success.  After a week of rain the sun came out to play and so did tons of dogs.

I was in heaven meeting all the pups who stopped by our booth that I may of even talked to a few of their owners.  It was all just to meet their dogs!


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