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apple cider donut 3I’m not shy about my love of Fall.

There is just so much orange and crispness and corduroy that makes my little heart want to burst with happiness.

apple cider donut 10

I’m not afraid to tell you that it is in fact the best season.

Leaves changing, pumpkin and apple picking.  Soup!  My gosh the Soup!

And the donuts.

apple cider donut 8

Now I’m not afraid to tell you that donuts are in fact an any season treat but when it comes to fall you’re going to want to jam your face with Apple Cider Donuts!

Yes, that’s right.  Jam them in your face and let the magic of the season behold you.

apple cider donuts 2

Go on, it’s okay.  It’s Fall.  Magic!


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apple cider donutsHi All!

It has been awhile.

I’m still here, just had a crazy summer.

Busy, busy.

Derby, Diet Changes, Dogs, Donuts!

You know, life.

Well I’m on my endless quest to get some sort of scheduling sense into my life so everything I want (and have) to do has spot and I don’t collapse from exhaustion.

We shall see how it goes, high hopes.

First up for you my friends will be these sweet little Apple Cider Donuts to help usher in my favorite season.

Beagle and I thought they were fantastic and we are sure you will too!

Stay tuned and I’m glad to be back and HAPPY FRIDAY!

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jelly donuts 2

I’ve shaken off this winter funk folks!

Sure there is a Blizzard headed this way but I embrace it.  What choice do I have?

We have our supplies.  I have my gin.  I bought flowers to make me smile.  All good here.

Do you know what turned my curmudgeonly ways around?  Do you know what caused Larry and I not to flee south and start a new life?

jelly donut 3

Jelly Donuts.  Say it with me folks, Jelly Donuts. Sure this salad helped but this here donut helped more.

jelly donuts 4

It was so perfect, just what a gal needs to lift her spirits.  I even made it with the last of my homemade jam.  Yay homemade jam!  I had sweet thoughts of summer and the daydreaming of this years canning have begun while it snows all around us.

jelly and flowers

All thanks to the almighty jelly donut.  Natures perfect food.  So says I, so says everyone (or they should).

jelly donuts 3

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Larry and I ran out the door for work the other day and I had to make a quick dash back to grab a sweater.

A sweater…swoon!

Yes the air was crisp, down right cool.  Sure within an hour I was sweating in my sweater but in that first moment my mind went into fall mode.

Fall, the greatest of all seasons and I’ll fight you tooth and nail if you say different.  Not really but you would be wrong if you said different.  It’s a fact.  I know these things.

Fall holds many things for me and one that always went hand in hand with pumpkin and apple picking was getting to stuff my face with apple cider doughnuts.  They are as much a necessary part of Fall as are corduroy skirts and boots. But alas Fall is technically a day away, TOMORROW! I  just sang that as Annie.  Fun Fact: my sister and I had that soundtrack on record and would sing it on the top of our lungs while making up gymnastics routines.

Anyway, since it is not fall yet but doughnuts were on the brain I am giving what has become my go to doughnut recipe.  This comes from Tracy at Shutterbean and adapted from Baked: Explorations.  They are amazing and not difficult at all. I added a coconut topping for my husband and a powdered sugar topping for me because nothing beats an old-fashioned powdered sugar doughnut.  I’ll fight you on that!


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Some weeks can be long.   Much longer than others.

They can be hard.  They can be exhausting.

You might have tummy troubles.

You might have nasty headaches.

You might still be covered in poison ivy, BLURG!

Some weeks seem to have it in for you.  Some weeks do.

You can’t catch a break.

Some weeks beat you down.

But… those weeks end and new weeks begin.

In new weeks you remember to exercise, maybe your poison ivy will go away.

New weeks you remember that you are loved and love and nothing is that bad.

New weeks are full of possibilities and doughnuts!

So Happy Monday and enjoy your new week and have a doughnut, they were invented to make people happy! (that may not be why they were invented but it should be.)

P.S. check out how good those two knuckleheads are being just waiting for their doughnuts.



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