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Hey you? Yeah you.

Are you sitting down? No wait!

Standing may be better.

You Know, in case you have a sudden desire to run victory laps in celebration.

Of course sitting is safer.  You may get light-headed and I wouldn’t want you to fall. That’s me looking out for you, you’re welcome.

Either way, hold on to something securely bolted to the ground.


I think I may have just taken my soup project to a whole new level.

A my mind was blown at how delicious this seemingly unassuming soup tasted level.

A when it was ready and I tasted it, I immediately texted my husband at work and may have used “R” rated colorful language to describe how good it was level.

I received no response back.  Blurg!

He didn’t try any of it.  Though to be fair I didn’t really encourage him to either.

I  didn’t want to share.  It is that good.

What’s that?  Oh, you were expecting more earth shattering news?

Well maybe I did over hype it but it is so darn good I wanted to make sure you were listening.  Sorry.

But you know what they say and by they I mean no one I have ever met. “Go big or go home.”


Why would going home be bad?  I love going home.  I think I’m losing focus here.  Anyway.

Home is where I can make more of this fantastic roasted red pepper and eggplant soup and eat it all.  And you should too!


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My husband and I took a little road trip this past weekend to visit his parents in New Jersey.  We had a tag along.

We couldn’t bring the whole gang so we had to play the oldest card and Frankie and Larry had their own little adventure at doggie camp.

Newton was magnificent, we had never taken him on such a long trip before and wasn’t sure what his reaction was going to be but he had a blast on the road and at my in-laws.

He thoroughly enjoyed the Thomas Edison Rest Stop on the Jersey Turnpike, you know, because they are both men of science and spending the whole trip being spoiled rotten remembering the good old days when he was the only dog and all attention was aimed at him.  Ah, the salad days.


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