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Franklin, Larry & Newton

This is pretty much why doing my household chores takes me forever.

Larry & NewtonMy own little group hangout forms and follows me around.  Apparently I’m very fascinating.

Franklin & Larry !Just makes it somewhat difficult to get things done in timely matter. Am I keeping you awake Larry?  I guess I’m not that fascinating.


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sweetpotato cake

We celebrated Newton’s 12th birthday this past week.  Yay Noodle!

No big party.

No hats or streamers.  No hoopla

What we did have for our beagle’s big day was cake.

A cake that has caused a terrible case of puppy madness.  Yes puppy madness.  It is a real thing and could happen to your dog too!

newton madnesslarry cake

Symptoms of puppy madness include but are not limited to:  pulling out all the tricks, sad eyes, big ears, endless pawing, lunging toward cake, whining at the refrigerator, uncontrollable bursts of energy and doing laps around the house to get your attention, drooling and of course begging.  Endless begging to get more, more, more cake!

What kind of birthday cake can bring this about you ask?  Well I’ll tell you. We have discovered that we have some sweet potato hounds in our household.  They go bonkers for the yam!


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Happy Friday Folks!

Frankie & Larry

Do you have a snow day too?

I guess I wouldn’t really call this a snow day other than we got a bit of snow and I already had the day off from work.  I’m pretty sure everyone else is going on with their day.

Well for today in my little world, the pups and I are having a snow day.  I’m making soup, hot chocolate and I have a certain beagles’ birthday cake to come up with.

Hope you all have a lovely day, snow or no snow!


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Happy Friday Folks!

Hope your day is full of squinty beagles.

NewtonMaybe a sweet crumb bum.

franklinor a weird little monster that lurks under the bed!

LarryHave a great day all!

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candied citrus peel 6Oh Heavens!

This was not the way it was to play out.  I was not to be overwhelmed by another holiday season.  I was to be on top of my game. I’m just coming out of some sort of cookie coma and instead of clinking glasses with you all having an easy breezy festive season I was in some sort harried whirlwind, albeit an enjoyable one.

candied citrus peel

But not to dwell, it happens and instead of kicking myself for not getting this or anything to you before the New Year I will share it now.  Citrus is good anytime during the cold winter months and as soon as I had seen these on Shutterbean’s site a few weeks ago I knew I wanted to try my hand at them.  It went with my desire to make fancy candies and why not stand out in late January? You can be the office hero bringing snacks into the employee lounge after all the free food from Christmas is long gone but that need for an afternoon sugar fix has not.

Yay 2013!!  We can do this!


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