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Happy Friday Folks!

Frankie & Larry

Do you have a snow day too?

I guess I wouldn’t really call this a snow day other than we got a bit of snow and I already had the day off from work.  I’m pretty sure everyone else is going on with their day.

Well for today in my little world, the pups and I are having a snow day.  I’m making soup, hot chocolate and I have a certain beagles’ birthday cake to come up with.

Hope you all have a lovely day, snow or no snow!



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Happy Friday Folks!

Hope your day is full of squinty beagles.

NewtonMaybe a sweet crumb bum.

franklinor a weird little monster that lurks under the bed!

LarryHave a great day all!

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Happy Friday

Happy Friday Folks!

Are we all ready for this final dash to Christmas?


Don’t stress out, I’m nowhere near ready.

Let’s just try to enjoy it and what gets done, gets done and what doesn’t…oops!

Now I must go and make more cookies and then try not to shovel them all into my face.

Have a fantastic day everyone!

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This week consisted of fantastic clouds at the grocery store.


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Happy Friday Folks!

Are you out shopping?

Oh man, that boggles my mind.  I just don’t understand it.

Crowds and trampling.  Not my scene.

I’ve heard stories about my mom and grandma’s black friday shopping adventures.

The pushing and shoving to get the coveted cabbage patch kid.

Those two Bronx ladies on a mission to make sure two little girls were not disappointed come Christmas morning.  Good luck fellow shoppers!

No, I think we will be taking it easy today.  There will be plenty of crazy holiday days to come.

Rest now while we can.

And if you were in the New York tri state area in the early eighties on a black friday and may or may not of run into two determined shoppers who may or may not of used excessive force, ie: thrown some elbows, I may or may not be apologizing for their actions.  Most likely not because I did love my cabbage patch kid even though I may or may not of dropped an ice cream sandwich on my little adopted friend’s leg a week after getting her, permanently staining her.  I may or may not ever tell.

Have a great day folks!


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