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Do you know what we have here on the Cape?

You know, besides lovely beaches, sweet little towns, some Kennedy’s and an influx of vacationers June thru September.

We have lots of shantys and shacks.  Even some pounds.  Maybe a lean-to is out there as well!

You know, The Crab Shack,  The Lobster Pound, The Clam Shanty and such.

They are everywhere as with many coastal areas selling all sorts of fried seafood.  We usually only eat at one when the season first begins and we are still giddy with upcoming summer excitement.

You know, before we become bleary eyed with all the traffic, having to weekly grocery shop with people in bathing suits.  Sorry, I know you are on vacation and I want you to have a wonderful time here but please put on pants around food, thanks!


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