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I think my love of vegetables may be in my blood.

And I think a true love a vegetables may skip generations.

And I think that I am not a scientist and I have a hard time wrapping my brain around scientific things (except when Neil explains them) so none of this is in any way based on research or facts beyond my own thoughts.

But I’m pretty sure it’s true.

Why do I think this?  Well my theory only goes back four generations and I only have real facts about 3 of them.  My Great Grandfather was a vegetable peddler in The Bronx.  Now to me that sounds like an amazing job.  To have a vegetable cart in the bustling city.  Of course I am well aware that there was the depression and they must have been very difficult times but I can’t help glazing over the hardships and just imagining the old timey fun of it.  I also have a british accent in my imaginings and say a lot of what’s all this then?  Please don’t judge me.

Moving along. To make this theory work he would have had to dislike veggies because his daughter, my grandma loved them.  No meal at her table was complete without at least 4 different vegetable sides and she was unable to keep leftovers (I now think this may have been a lie) but I was happy to oblige her lack of storage and take as many helpings until they were all eaten up.

Now my mother only eats corn. I don’t understand either.  Thank heavens we spent lots of time at my grandparents because bless my mother’s heart, she really went gung-ho into the convenience of 80’s cooking.  We painfully had to endure meals from a microwave cookbook and the early pop can rollout pizza dough.  I’m pretty sure you should bake those before putting sauce and cheese on as to not have a soggy rectangle that I inevitably got the worst center piece due to my lot in life as the youngest.

Okay I have to move on, I’m getting a tummy ache thinking of it.

Now we have me.  I love vegetables.  So you see, this proves my theory.  Skips generations!  Scientific proof right before your eyes, no need to research it further, awards and accolades please.


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