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My husband waits in giddy anticipation for when the sign goes up saying “Jersey Peaches are here” at the market.  Me, I can take a peach or leave a peach.  I harbor no ill will towards them or wish them any harm, they are just not my fruit of choice.  Maybe it’s because he grew up in New Jersey that he has a better appreciation for them.  Like I am when I find a decent bagel like I had growing up in New York.  Whatever the reason may be, when they arrive I start getting not so subtle hints about Peach Pie.

So, because I love him it only took 2 weeks and a disastrous peach cake incident before he got a Peach Pie from his grandma’s recipe with a buttermilk crust.


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A peach pie was made.

It was human approved.

It was beagle approved.

Recipe coming soon.

Hang in there, Monday is almost over.

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