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pistachio butter cake

So yesterday, almost two weeks into 2013 my husband and I attended our last Christmas dinner/celebration.  Yes, you heard/read me correctly.  The holidays are still trying to go strong here even though we are trying our darndest to move on.

pistachio butter cake 2

Sure our lights are still up but we have stopped turning them on plus it finally turned super cold here and neither of us wants to be outside if we don’t have to be.

But none the less we still celebrated Christmas 2012 with my mom who had spent the holidays at my Sister’s in California with her human grandchildren as if three dogs aren’t good enough to be considered grandchildren and maybe some people aren’t sure if they want kids and are very happy with their lives as is and that is an argument for another time.

Franklin and the pistachio sugar

It’s the holidays plus a few weeks so smile and get through this.  Anyway I brought cake.  A fantastic cake.  A cake that will be made again and again and you really need to make.  I’m not just saying it because I’m now re-holiday stress eating or that I have a love of pistachios that may just rival my olive, bread and blueberry addiction.  (Maybe not rival the bread or blueberries but def the olives, maybe I have a salt problem?  Again, something to work through at a later date.

pistachio butter cake

Anyway the cake was a huge hit.  It is lite and fluffy and the chocolate so decadent.  You just have to make it for your next event or next event plus 3 weeks.


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