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You know what I think?  I think soup is a meal.  You just add a carb of some sort and you are good as gold.

You know what my husband said?  He said he doesn’t care for soup.  So casual like, “I don’t care for soup”.  What?  Who are you?  Soup and bread make everything better.

Soup can fill you up and warm your soul.  Soup is a meal.  If you and I went to Mendy’s I would so be on board with soup being a meal that equals if not surpasses the value of an Armani Suit.       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGwtCAVByRY  But maybe I haven’t done enough to turn him from a Banya to a Seinfeld.  Maybe I really haven’t made many homemade soups in our years together.  Maybe I just gave myself a new project.  And for those keeping score at home, you can add this as project 439 of goals. task. projects and attempts I challenge myself with.  It’s never-ending.


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