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Hey you? Yeah you.

Are you sitting down? No wait!

Standing may be better.

You Know, in case you have a sudden desire to run victory laps in celebration.

Of course sitting is safer.  You may get light-headed and I wouldn’t want you to fall. That’s me looking out for you, you’re welcome.

Either way, hold on to something securely bolted to the ground.


I think I may have just taken my soup project to a whole new level.

A my mind was blown at how delicious this seemingly unassuming soup tasted level.

A when it was ready and I tasted it, I immediately texted my husband at work and may have used “R” rated colorful language to describe how good it was level.

I received no response back.  Blurg!

He didn’t try any of it.  Though to be fair I didn’t really encourage him to either.

I  didn’t want to share.  It is that good.

What’s that?  Oh, you were expecting more earth shattering news?

Well maybe I did over hype it but it is so darn good I wanted to make sure you were listening.  Sorry.

But you know what they say and by they I mean no one I have ever met. “Go big or go home.”


Why would going home be bad?  I love going home.  I think I’m losing focus here.  Anyway.

Home is where I can make more of this fantastic roasted red pepper and eggplant soup and eat it all.  And you should too!


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