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I don’t know about your neck of the woods but summer is in full swing here on the Cape.

Like bananas.

It always gets crowded but this year is pure madness. People are everywhere!

coconut shrimp 4

I’m having little panic attacks with all these crowds.  Don’t worry about me though, I’m a tough little cookie.  I’m make it through to Fall.

Sweet, sweet Fall.  I miss you!  My corduroy, scarves and boots are waiting!

But since it is summer and it is crowded I’m going to share with you one of my households go to meals so you don’t have to stand in line at a fish fry shack.

coconut shrimp 2

Coconut shrimp!  It is one of my husband’s favorite and he requests I make it often.  It is crunchy with a little touch of sweetness and so simple.  Like ridiculously simple.

It goes perfect with these onion rings and since it is summer and blueberries my food of choice this buckle for dessert.

There, now you have a perfect summer meal to have at your home oasis away from the crowds!

(I’m not kidding, it is bananas out there!)

coconut shrimp 3


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 Do you want to know a Jen fact? I love to peel and devein shrimp.  Is that gross?

Sorry.  I can’t pin point what exactly it is I enjoy about it, all I know is that when the task is complete I have a joyous feeling of a job well done.

Maybe it goes with one of my life goals to be an old timey lobster boat captain.  You know, not one of these new fangled ones with a crew and such.  Just me, my boat, some traps, a book for down time and my trusty dog who I always imagine to be an old english sheep dog, working on the water.  I’m not sure if this is an accurate portrayal of how lobster folk worked but I’m going to say it is.

Anyway I have lots of life goals like these and I’m pretty sure they are attainable.  Why can’t I be Patricia Neal’s character in the movie Hud? Her voice and laugh, her perspective, Paul Newman.  Or work the auto factory lines in the forty’s to help our boys overseas.  My gosh the clothes alone and the hair styles.  But I think I’m getting side tracked.


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