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Brace yourself folks.  I’m about to shatter the illusion you have of me that I’m perfect.

Yes, it’s true I’m a flawed soul.  I’m plenty okay with this but I’m afraid of the devastating effect this news will have on you.

I hope I have not ruined your holiday season.  I am truly sorry.

What’s that?

None of you even entertained the idea that I was perfect?

Well okay then.  Hmm, I have to say I’m a little surprised and mildly shocked but….none of you?

Well let’s just move right along shall we.

soft pretzelsThe flaw that I was about to shock you with is my failure to live in the present.  I tend to put on my rose color glasses over how things were in the past and get super jazzed about how I think things will be in the future.  Note: using the term super jazzed often does not constitute as a flaw.

I’m sure we all do this but it erks me so much when I catch myself dismissing something that I will surely look back on with joy but at the moment comparing it to our past.  Just enjoy now Jen, you big dummy.  That’s what I yell in my head.

I have to remind myself that things weren’t alway perfect.  That cute first apartment together, remember the ceiling fell in.  The phone never worked, the kitchen was pretty non-existent and the trolley shook the whole place every 10 minutes.  Let’s not forget the squirrel break-in.  He wrecked the whole place.  When Adam came home he thought maybe I was in a mad dash to get to work because I was late.  It wasn’t until he found the hole in the screen and squirrel bathroom evidence that he thought possibly it wasn’t me.  Possibly?  Really?


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