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coconut shrimp 1

I don’t know about your neck of the woods but summer is in full swing here on the Cape.

Like bananas.

It always gets crowded but this year is pure madness. People are everywhere!

coconut shrimp 4

I’m having little panic attacks with all these crowds.  Don’t worry about me though, I’m a tough little cookie.  I’m make it through to Fall.

Sweet, sweet Fall.  I miss you!  My corduroy, scarves and boots are waiting!

But since it is summer and it is crowded I’m going to share with you one of my households go to meals so you don’t have to stand in line at a fish fry shack.

coconut shrimp 2

Coconut shrimp!  It is one of my husband’s favorite and he requests I make it often.  It is crunchy with a little touch of sweetness and so simple.  Like ridiculously simple.

It goes perfect with these onion rings and since it is summer and blueberries my food of choice this buckle for dessert.

There, now you have a perfect summer meal to have at your home oasis away from the crowds!

(I’m not kidding, it is bananas out there!)

coconut shrimp 3


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Are you lamenting the end of summer?  Well than you probably want to skip ahead a couple of sentences.

Ready?  Have you looked away?  O.k.  Here we go.


So long summer chumps, hello what I like to consider the greatest of all seasons, FALL!!!

Oh my, I’m sorry.  I don’t what came over me.  I am very tired from still having no days off.  Maybe that’s it.  Sorry about the whole chump thing.  I feel dreadful on the inside, sinserly…But I did warn you.  Lets call it even.  I’ll make you a salad for old summer-time sake.


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I have been making some slow progress with my 35 List.  I’ve signed up for some stuff and donated some clothes.  Two steps forward but alas one big step back as I seem to be at work more and more and Adam and my schedules just can’t coordinate.  No sob stories here, summertime work is busy and we should be thankful but sometimes I’m just plain worn out and I miss spending a day with him.  Sorry, complaining done, my big girl pants are on, we deal with it. Plus, fall will be here soon.  Oh fall, how I love you and boots and corduroy and scarfs and pumpkins and oh sorry, got lost in the moment there.

I did manage to get some jam making and canning done for the jam exchange.  Fact: I think I love making and canning jam.  My exuberance however caused me to buy way to many apricots then needed for my apricot-raspberry recipe so I had to come up with something else.


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Remember, don’t be afraid to do what makes you happy.

You want to play in the mud?  Go for it!

Be silly, look silly.  No big deal.

Happy Friday everyone!  Have fun, be silly!

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Happy Friday Folks!!

Here’s hoping you’re all beating the heat by the pool with some new friends!

Have a lovely, fun-filled day everyone.

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