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My husband and I took a little road trip this past weekend to visit his parents in New Jersey.  We had a tag along.

We couldn’t bring the whole gang so we had to play the oldest card and Frankie and Larry had their own little adventure at doggie camp.

Newton was magnificent, we had never taken him on such a long trip before and wasn’t sure what his reaction was going to be but he had a blast on the road and at my in-laws.

He thoroughly enjoyed the Thomas Edison Rest Stop on the Jersey Turnpike, you know, because they are both men of science and spending the whole trip being spoiled rotten remembering the good old days when he was the only dog and all attention was aimed at him.  Ah, the salad days.


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You know what I think?  I think soup is a meal.  You just add a carb of some sort and you are good as gold.

You know what my husband said?  He said he doesn’t care for soup.  So casual like, “I don’t care for soup”.  What?  Who are you?  Soup and bread make everything better.

Soup can fill you up and warm your soul.  Soup is a meal.  If you and I went to Mendy’s I would so be on board with soup being a meal that equals if not surpasses the value of an Armani Suit.       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGwtCAVByRY  But maybe I haven’t done enough to turn him from a Banya to a Seinfeld.  Maybe I really haven’t made many homemade soups in our years together.  Maybe I just gave myself a new project.  And for those keeping score at home, you can add this as project 439 of goals. task. projects and attempts I challenge myself with.  It’s never-ending.


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I had some food rules when I was a kid.  I liked peanut butter and I liked jelly but I could never have a sandwich with them together.   I would go to school with my peanut butter sandwich and be pleased as punch.   When it was taco night for dinner I would eat all of the components but not in taco form.  Except shredded cheese which goes with my I would only eat cheese if It was melted unless it was mozzarella which was good in any state.  I would not eat bologna on a sandwich and corn had to be off the cob.

What’s that?  Why yes, I believe I was a joy to be around as a child, thanks for asking. (more…)

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