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mediterranean pepper salad 2I think I’m suffering from seasonal affective disorder.  Anyone else?

Maybe post holiday blues.  I’m pretty sure I have frost bite but I’m not a doctor so maybe not, I don’t know.

All I know is that everything has turned blah and cold.  I’m struggling to want to do anything.  Frankly seeing the temperature in my car at 12 degrees the other morning when I went to heat it up so Larry and I don’t turn into a popsicle was just a slap in the face to my mood. Blah.  Not cool winter.

pepper trio

I’ve been dreaming of warmth, how I wish I was here again.  I’d even happily go with my sister again and refuse any gin.  That’s not true.  That last part about gin was a lie, sorry.  It’s this weather.  Blurg.

On our frigid drives to work these couple of weeks Larry and I have been hatching a little plan to just keep going.  Forget work, forget New England winters and head south to Savannah.  I’m not sure how we came up with Savannah except I’ve never been and have always wanted and well, Larry is game for anything.


We would just drive into town.  I’ll work at some diner with a cute little uniform in some 1940’s style.  The patrons would be humored by my sassy northern ways and Larry would follow me around as I wait my tables.  I’m assuming that would not be any sort of health code violation or anything.  People would think we were the bees knees and say “that’s a mighty fine dog you have there” and I would say, “that’s not my dog, he’s my best friend” and scene.  Is that not normal?  She shrugs her shoulders, exit stage left.


We don’t talk about the reality of this plan being we would be leaving Franklin, Newton and Adam and that would be just awful but Savannah does sound nice and warm and I can be sassy.


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Happy Friday Folks!

Frankie & Larry

Do you have a snow day too?

I guess I wouldn’t really call this a snow day other than we got a bit of snow and I already had the day off from work.  I’m pretty sure everyone else is going on with their day.

Well for today in my little world, the pups and I are having a snow day.  I’m making soup, hot chocolate and I have a certain beagles’ birthday cake to come up with.

Hope you all have a lovely day, snow or no snow!


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This week has been a full one and it is far from over.

It involved some steamy citrus peels.

012 (more…)

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Things are calm and beautiful on the Cape today.

It may be different in a day or two.

But today is a perfect fall day.

We are no strangers to storms by the ocean.

A hurricane or the weather man sneezes we lose power, so we prepare every time.

That was what my day is today. Get water, food, batteries.

Batten down the hatches.

But for now we are calm and the day is peaceful.

Stay safe all and lets hope Hurricane Sandy decides to leave us to our peaceful ways.

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Larry and I ran out the door for work the other day and I had to make a quick dash back to grab a sweater.

A sweater…swoon!

Yes the air was crisp, down right cool.  Sure within an hour I was sweating in my sweater but in that first moment my mind went into fall mode.

Fall, the greatest of all seasons and I’ll fight you tooth and nail if you say different.  Not really but you would be wrong if you said different.  It’s a fact.  I know these things.

Fall holds many things for me and one that always went hand in hand with pumpkin and apple picking was getting to stuff my face with apple cider doughnuts.  They are as much a necessary part of Fall as are corduroy skirts and boots. But alas Fall is technically a day away, TOMORROW! I  just sang that as Annie.  Fun Fact: my sister and I had that soundtrack on record and would sing it on the top of our lungs while making up gymnastics routines.

Anyway, since it is not fall yet but doughnuts were on the brain I am giving what has become my go to doughnut recipe.  This comes from Tracy at Shutterbean and adapted from Baked: Explorations.  They are amazing and not difficult at all. I added a coconut topping for my husband and a powdered sugar topping for me because nothing beats an old-fashioned powdered sugar doughnut.  I’ll fight you on that!


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